Passed-out Drunk Man Gets Eaten Whole By Python!

Go to India, get wasted, pass out get eaten whole by a Python. Seems legit. This happened to a currently un-named man in India.

Drunk man gets eaten whole by a python snake

Given that Pythons are constrictors, it is likely that the snake came across the passed out man and could tell that he was still alive. It would have taken hours for it ingest the man. First, suffocating him then crushing his bones, then slowly stretching its mouth over his body. Nice.


via: VIKRAMAN NAIR  on Twitter

Phil Ohren

Phil is a twenty something social media junky from Sydney Australia.

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2 Responses

  1. Sally Heydon says:

    OMG… is that shit for real? I hate snakes…

  2. perry says:

    Lol! Its fake.

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